Maria Chavez: Visiting Practitioner. 19th Oct 2017

I throughly enjoyed Maria’s lecture at LCC. Maria’s work ethic was brilliant and she loved what she does and that’s the best part of it. Hailing from Peru but grew up in America, her work is discriptive and endearingly interesting. Maria explains that she was tutored by top sound artists and it really shows withContinue reading “Maria Chavez: Visiting Practitioner. 19th Oct 2017”

John Akomfrah at Tate Modern.

John Akomfrah’s portfolio is outstanding. As a recent university exhibition visit, we came across another film made by Akomfrah’s being shown in Tate Modern. Named ‘The Unfinished Conversation’ (2012). Which is a a celebration honour to Jamaican-born cultural theorist. These brilliant film clips of Stuart Hall’s life journey, as a young boy from rural JamaicanContinue reading “John Akomfrah at Tate Modern.”

John Akomfrah – Purple @The Barbican:

7th November 2017. On this exhibition visit, we visited the Barbican to watch a picture called ‘Purple’ (2017) directed by the extremely talented filmmaker John Akomfrah. This piece was showing a vivid, but realistic views of industrial progression over the years and how climate change is affecting the planet. The multiple screens captures your attentionContinue reading “John Akomfrah – Purple @The Barbican:”

Audition creation.

Process: Handmade Tambourine. For my audition for my sound arts place, we were told to bring a mp3 file for video or music. I created a video clip from capturing a video shots of Storm Dorris last year and extracts from a video of one of Dad’s band percussionist. I immersed them both together, producingContinue reading “Audition creation.”

Teatro Metaophora.

My summer holiday to Madeira, Portugal was a refreshing experience. On a trip to a festival in Camara De Lobos, we came down a busy street with dangling, bright decorations. As we walked along the street, we can across the jigsaw portraits of iconic figures and world leaders. These portraits were hand crafted out ofContinue reading “Teatro Metaophora.”