Interview with Tom Richards: Mini Oramics Machine.

In our recent module, Industry Research Project we had to organise interview with a sound practitioner or a artist in the Sound Arts industry. I was lucky enough to get a interview with Sound Arts and PhD Goldsmiths Student Tom Richards. For his Phd project which finished last year, Richards redesigned British sound pioneer DaphneContinue reading “Interview with Tom Richards: Mini Oramics Machine.”

Bāṛi- Installation at Gallery 46, Whitechapel for B.A Sound Art & Design:

In April, for our second year B.A Sound Arts & Design we had a Unit module. In this Unit, we could work independently or collaboratively. The Gallery 46 space in Whitechapel is located in the multi diverse area, with a large Bangladeshi Community in that Tower Hamlet, London. I decided that I wanted to createContinue reading “Bāṛi- Installation at Gallery 46, Whitechapel for B.A Sound Art & Design:”

Marguerite Humeau – Echoes:

file0002.pdf – Quick pencil sketch I drew in Tate Britain of ‘Echoes.’ On a recent visit to Tate Britain, Marguerite Humeau’s ‘Echoes’ sound installation was an eye catching design of the museum. At the entrance of this display, the acid yellow walls intensifies your vision – as an manipulating, firm voice speaks phrases in nine languages thatContinue reading “Marguerite Humeau – Echoes:”

Chiamonwu Joy – Hyper-realistic Art.

Nigerian Hyper realistic artist Chiamonwu Joy’s charcoal drawings blew me away! The intricate detail in her work is really spectacular. It takes months for Joy to craft this high standard of work, even viewers of her work have compared it to a black and white photograph. At just 22 years old, Joy’s work is beyondContinue reading “Chiamonwu Joy – Hyper-realistic Art.”

Telephone Contact Microphone recording:

Telephone Contact Microphone pick up electronic frequencies from electrical objects. I used a Zoom 4 recorder to capture the audio. I hovered the contact microphone over laptops, mobile appliances and got static interactions that came through clearly through my headphones. I’m going to be studying more about contact microphone, and learn how to gather greater soundsContinue reading “Telephone Contact Microphone recording:”

Contact Microphone making;

In the second term, we had a chance to make our own contact microphone to record audio with. This was my first attempt, so I was expecting it to be quite delicate and maybe a temporary recording device, compared to the telephone contact mics that are built more stronger. It was a frustrating process atContinue reading “Contact Microphone making;”

Judy Dench – My Passion For Trees.

Judy Dench’s BBC programme was truly a fascinating watch last Christmas. Judy has a 6 acre garden filled with small variety of tall trees, which she nurtures fondly. As she delves into this beautiful, mysterious journey to learn more about the qualities these organisms hold. Judy’s knowledge is widened with the help from Wildlife expert David Mills, who shows herContinue reading “Judy Dench – My Passion For Trees.”

Recording in Stockwood Park. 05.11.17.

First recording with microphone and audio recording:   I’ve been to this park throughout my childhood as it’s just around the corner from my house. I never recorded the sounds and activity of the place before, even though I’ve attended concerts and family picnics there. For my Uni assignment called ‘Sense Of Place’, I hiredContinue reading “Recording in Stockwood Park. 05.11.17.”