John Akomfrah at Tate Modern.


John Akomfrah’s portfolio is outstanding. As a recent university exhibition visit, we came across another film made by Akomfrah’s being shown in Tate Modern. Named ‘The Unfinished Conversation’ (2012). Which is a a celebration honour to Jamaican-born cultural theorist.


These brilliant film clips of Stuart Hall’s life journey, as a young boy from rural Jamaican moving to a developing city of Britain by Windrush ferry in the 1950’s. This film is showing the cultural comparisons of living in Britain compared to Jamaican lifestyle. Hall as a student at Birmingham University, spoke up for prejudice judgements Jamaican immigrants dealt with and racism that was mentally and physically afflicted to fellow immigrants. It also shows Stuart Hall’s personal life, of going back to visit his family back in Jamaica and starting a family with his English wife Catherine.

This picture is a close subject to my heart, as my both of my parents immigrated to Britain as children. Hearing their stories were shocking and upsetting as they experience racism growing up over here and the struggles to progress in their careers just because of their colour of the skin. We have made improvements of over-coming racism, but still witness racism still today. As Akomfrah’s states in a recent interview “History Matters.”


Published by esthergaylesoundarts

I was born in Bedfordshire, England. I'm from a musical and artistic background, with creating music and writing songs from a young age. Still life drawing, carpentry and sculpture design is an area in Art that I have previously studied. I am B.A Sound Arts & Design student at London College of Communication in London, learning to become a Sound Practitioner in Sound Arts. I did a sound installation called, 'Bari (Home)' at Gallery 46, White Chapel, April 2019 about the cultural integration of the Tower Hamlet of London area. My influences have come form contextual art, artistes, music and sound, film and audio visual works. I'm intrigued by sound discovery and perception of the sounds we hear.

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