John Akomfrah – Purple @The Barbican:


7th November 2017.

On this exhibition visit, we visited the Barbican to watch a picture called ‘Purple’ (2017) directed by the extremely talented filmmaker John Akomfrah. This piece was showing a vivid, but realistic views of industrial progression over the years and how climate change is affecting the planet. The multiple screens captures your attention with cross-cutting scenes of past and recent footage of memorable moments in history.

I found it very captivating and brilliantly informative, with the videography being equally as good. The visuals John had used, created a powerful message of man-made structures and environmental matters to the world and the people living in it. John Akomfrah work is dIfferent to any videography I’ve ever seen before, as the scenes are well structured and vibrantly coordinated together. I am really looking forward to seeing more of Akomfrah’s work in the future and hope it reaches a wider audience globally.

Published by esthergaylesoundarts

I was born in Bedfordshire, England. I'm from a musical and artistic background, with creating music and writing songs from a young age. Still life drawing, carpentry and sculpture design is an area in Art that I have previously studied. I am B.A Sound Arts & Design student at London College of Communication in London, learning to become a Sound Practitioner in Sound Arts. I did a sound installation called, 'Bari (Home)' at Gallery 46, White Chapel, April 2019 about the cultural integration of the Tower Hamlet of London area. My influences have come form contextual art, artistes, music and sound, film and audio visual works. I'm intrigued by sound discovery and perception of the sounds we hear.

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